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Special pricing for larger spaces may be reserved by calling Jim Kone directly at 541-598-5335 or by email at jim@koneheadproductions.com

Complete and submit this form immediately to ensure your participation.

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Outdoor Vendor Information and Application

The 18th Annual Oregon Winter Festival kicks off on February 15th, 2019 in Bend, Oregon. Bend's own Winter Festival will take place February 15th-17th in The Old Mill District.

For questions, please contact Jim Kone at 541-598-5335 or by email jim@koneheadproductions.com


ADA: In an effort to make the Oregon WinterFest and all our events accessible for everyone we ask that you pay attention to the following accessibility guidelines from the City of Bend:

  • Sales or service counters should be no more than 36 inches from the finished floor or the ground, and the width must be at least 36 inches wide.

  • All paths of travel must be free from cords and other obstructions. Cords may be covered with rugs, but rugs must be taped down on all sides.

  • Price lists should be hung 36-39 inches from the ground

  • For more info regarding ADA requirements, contact Karin Morris at the City

    of Bend 541-693-2141.

Directions and Setup: Oregon WinterFest is located in The Old Mill District. Directions and setup information will be emailed to vendors one week prior to the event.


  • $250 for 5' x 5' (No side curtains) Includes Canopy Provided by Polar Market

  • $600 for 10' x 10'

  • $700 for 10' x 15'

  • $1000 for 10' x 20'

  • Larger spaces available upon request and or special arrangements to accommodate your exhibiting needs.

Fire Code: All vendors must follow the Bend Fire Code for setup. For more information please contact Susie Lovisco at Bend Fire 541-322-6386. Please see theattached document “Special Event Guidelines”.

Hours of Operation: Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 11am-10pm, and Sunday 11am- 6pm. Outdoor Vendors must stay open during all hours of the event.

Inclement weather: Oregon WinterFest takes place in February. Please plan for extreme weather conditions. Oregon WinterFest takes place rain, snow or shine as well as in high-wind and/or extremely cold weather. No refunds will be granted due to weather. No exceptions.

Power: We will do everything we can to make sure your power is up and running during event hours. However, power is provided by generators, which come with complications. Please be patient and understand that outages may occur as everyone initially turns on their appliances and lights at the beginning of the event. Additional power is available for $40 per outlet (each outlet not to exceed 15 amps). Be prepared with a 50 ft. extension cord. Please do not bring an extension cord longer than 50 feet. If you use additional power not outlined on your application your deposit will be used as compensation for the additional usage. The outlets provided are standard three prong outlets. You will need to provide your own adapter if you require it. In order for the event to run smoothly and the entire system to be sized accordingly, please present your individual power needs as soon as possible (voltage and amperage). Staff will be monitoring power usage throughout the event to ensure compliance. Power is only available during open hours. Please note, heat will not be left on overnight. Any products susceptible to freezing should not be left overnight. Please list all appliances and amps at the end of this application.

Security: Security will be provided overnight from 10pm Thursday to 9am Friday, 10pm Friday to 9am Saturday and 10pm Saturday to 9am Sunday. Oregon WinterFest is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

Trash: Dumpsters are located in the gravel lot near the Hampton Inn and Suites. You are responsible to take your trash to these dumpsters. Do not use roll carts for your trash. They are intended for festival attendee use. Grey water tanks are also available near the dumpsters. Anyone caught dumping grey water down storm drains will immediately lose their deposit.


1.1. Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless Lay It Out Inc., 2019 Oregon WinterFest, and William Smith Properties, from any claims or liabilities resulting from Vendor’sperformance, including any and all loss, damages or expenses caused by negligent acts, statements, errors or omissions of Vendor and its agents.

1.2. Vendor will indemnify, defend, and hold Lay It Out Inc. and its directors, officers, employees, and agents harmless from any and all claims or liability (including without limitation any taxes, penalties, interest, costs, or attorney fees) asserted by any third party that results from or arises out of Vendor or Vendor's Personnel performing the Services under this Agreement.

1.3. Contractor will maintain adequate and reasonable liability insurance covering Contractor's performance under this Agreement. At any time, upon Lay It Out Inc.’s request, Contractor will submit to Lay It Out Inc. proof acceptable to Lay It Out Inc. of such insurance. Contractor will further notify Lay It Out Inc. immediately of any substantial modification or cancellation of such insurance. Contractor acknowledges that Lay It Out Inc. will not provide insurance coverage

for Contractor.

1.4. Contractor will maintain in force any workers' compensation and unemployment insurance required by law relating to Services performed under this Agreement and will at any time, upon request of Lay It Out Inc., provide to Lay It Out Inc. proof acceptable to Lay It Out Inc. of such insurance. Contractor will further notify Lay It Out Inc. immediately of any substantial modification or cancellation of such insurance.

Vendor agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of Oregon WinterFest. Vendor understands that they may not be asked to participate in future Oregon WinterFest events if they are in violation of Oregon WinterFest policies and they will lose their deposit.